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I want my damn body back!

Bodyswap *sighs* will always be my fav

Can you imagine it,though?

Shit would go down, that’s for sure. For example, no one would take Shizuo serious anymore (imagine him at his work), because of course his strenght would still be a trait of his body, so he would have those rants and temper tantrums but without his strenght it would be really awkward. And Izaya would have too much fun with his new strenght and high and would know how to use his new traits. Shizuo would start smoking just to piss Izaya off and it would drive Izaya mad because he doesn’t smoke, so in return he cuts Shizuo’s hair.
And, of course, it would all be Izaya’s fault (there are no coincidences, there never are, and all things lead to Izaya in the end, don’t they?)
But at some point Izaya would have enough, (because he is bored? Or maybe because it isn’t exactly like he had imagned) and he would try to turn them back into their real bodies, but ups, how does that work? And that’s when the real problem starts

I want to write a fic for that so badly *cries*


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